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Hail Damage to Your Roof? Get a Professional Roof Inspection!

The one constant to weather in Rochester, MN and the surrounding area is that it can vary tremendously from month-to-month and even day-to-day! So far for 2021, we've been blasted with weeks of heat and very little rain. And we want to talk about hail damage? Considering how quickly a warm and sunny afternoon can descend into the chaos of a nasty and damaging thunderstorm, it's always a good idea to have information available to help in the event your roof becomes damaged after being thrashed and bashed by hail!

Why Have Your Roof Inspected?

In specific, we want to talk about fiberglass shingles and why it's imperative to have a roof inspection conducted as soon as possible after a hail storm. Hail can severely damage a newer fiberglass-shingled roof in one part of town, but a few blocks away, a roof with older shingles can go undamaged.

How would a homeowner know what to do? You can call your insurance company and they may send an inspector to check your roof. You can also contact a professional roofing company to send an inspector to conduct an independent evaluation of your roof and, if you wish, provide an estimate for damage repair or complete replacement.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

Hail damage can manifest itself in many ways on fiberglass shingles. With so many variables and nuanced types of damage, how is a homeowner to understand all the different types of hail damage? Our opinion - they shouldn't have to! Besides, what homeowner wants to climb a ladder and safely inspect every square foot of their pitched roof? Did we say safely?

What Should a Homeowner Do?

If you think your roof in Rochester, MN or the surrounding S.E. MN area has been damaged by a hail storm, let the Flamingo Construction professionals perform a meticulous inspection. We have the equipment and training to inspect every type of roof, and our experienced tradesmen definitely know what to look for. We will document our findings and provide you with a detailed estimate to repair the damage for your records.

The cost? Our estimates are free...period, and there's no expectation for you to contract with us when the time comes to repair your roof. In fact, we suggest you get several estimates when it comes to hail damage repair. Some insurance companies will do what they can to save themselves money. Some contractors will pressure a homeowner to begin repairs immediately and suggest they don't have time to get additional estimates.

Not us. Integrity is key to our foundation. We look at it as we're excellent inspectors who can also replace your roof if you wish. If your roof is severely compromised, we'll share that with you immediately, but the decision to repair or replace is yours to make. The safety of your home and wellbeing of your family is what counts!

If you suspect your roof has experienced hail damage, contact Flamingo Construction as soon as possible here. We'll send one of our experienced tradesmen to perform a comprehensive inspection and provide you with an estimate you can confidently feel will return your house and home to its pre-loss condition as quickly and safely as possible.

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